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The continuing growth of global travel and e-commerce creates strong needs for the travel and logistics industry to adopt real-time data coordination which includes the tracking of locations of certain vehicles, the exact cargos in those vehicles, etc.
Boost business efficiency for travel and logistic industry by conducting real-time coordination through DYXnet’s network solutions.

Industry Issues

Real-time data coordination

Management of different BU, transport vehicles and geographic locations

Lack of a centralised control centre

Lack of a good source of communication with regional sub-branches

Needs to adopt wide range of digital technologies (e.g. cloud)

How DYXnet can Help?

Data management and effective communication of multiple branches and pick up points

The centralization of data operations to one location, including the tracking of locations of certain vehicles, the exact cargos in those vehicles, etc., is an essential for the transportation and logistics industry. SD-WAN is highly recommended for transportation companies with multiple locations in different regions, or that are planning on expansion. Being able to manage application updates from one centralised location, new locations can also be integrated into the company’s existing SD-WAN with ease, making expansion to new areas effortless.

Professional Consultancy

We help our clients solve complex network and IT issues in respect of design, delivery and support including but not limited to:
- IT systems upgrade
- Cloud service integration
- Data centre management

Why DYXnet?

  • Centralized network management for different branches and office locations 
  • Solid IT on-site technical support services for both HK and Mainland China offices
  • Legal business licenses in the regions including China
  • Customizable & Scalable Services
  • 7 x 24 Customer Services Support
  • Strong customers and case reference


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