Digital Human Platform

Create and Animate Your Own Realistic Digital Humans with Generative AI.

DXYnet's AI technology brings Digital Human (AI Avatar) to life by performing lip-sync animation in broadcast videos generated with text or voice inputs.

The Digital Human Platform is an innovative multimedia solution that brings "AI Avatar" to life by generating lip-sync animation in broadcast videos, enabling high-fidelity and natural interactive experience for users. By training the AI model with specific data from enterprise customers, a real-time virtual assistant can be generated to solve user enquiries and provide personalized services.

Key Features

  • AI Digital Human Presenter
  • Real-time AI Assistant
  • Appearance and Voice Customization

From selecting styles and setting up backgrounds to adjusting tones of voice, three simple steps to quickly generate a high-fidelity Digital Human presenter for video broadcasting.

Coupled with real-time conversational chatbots, DYXnet Digital Human provides you with 7x24 AI assistant services.

You can customize the appearance and voice of your AI Avatar to suit your needs in different scenarios.

Benefit Highlights

Freely Customized for Different Needs and Purposes

Users can freely customize their AI avatars’ appearance, voice, tone, background, and speaking speed to fit specific needs and purposes.

Generative AI (AIGC) Personalized Response

By leveraging generative AI technology, DYXnet Digital Human delivers intelligent responses with artificial intelligence-generated content (AIGC). Enterprises can train the model with specific industry data to generate more accurate and personalized user responses, enabling a superior user experience.

Digital Human Production Support

y uploading your videos or voice packs, DYXnet can quickly generate a unique Digital Human that meets your requirements and supports Mandarin, Cantonese, and English language reporting.

Use Cases

  • Marketing
  • News Broadcasting
  • Training and Education
  • Smart Customer Services

Companies can use AI Avatar in content marketing to build unique brand images to attract more target audiences.

Adopting Digital Human presenters in news broadcasting can enhance the audience's attention, making your messages more appealing, engaging, and accessible.

DYXnet Digital Human can be used on course material production (such as micro-course videos) to meet different training and education scenarios.

With real-time interactive capabilities comparable to real humans,  Digital Human can act as an AI virtual assistant, providing 7x24 uninterrupted customer services to users.

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