As technology has evolved, and so has the way hospitals and healthcare providers store patients’ data. Given the confidentiality of such data, the ability to protect themselves from hackers is a key issue for hospitals and healthcare providers.
Meet the needs of data security and network stability with DYXnet’s network and cloud solutions.

Industry Issues

Need for a fast, stable, and highly available network connectivity

The increase in telehealth adoption

Strong protection on sensitive data

Backup and recovery plans for existing data records

Secure and efficient data storage and transmission

How DYXnet can Help?

Alleviate strain on in-house data centres

For hospitals and healthcare providers to work optimally, they need to be able to be safe from cyberattacks. DYXnet’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) service which includes Firewall, Anti-virus, Anti-spam and Intrusion Prevention can help alleviate the strain on in-house data centres by keeping your company’s network secure from external attacks. Using DYXnet’s UTM service instead of managing your own allows your company's IT department focus on other professional duties instead of managing incoming cyberattacks.

Absolute data security and data protection regulations compliance

Cloud disaster recovery is highly beneficial to hospitals and healthcare providers as they need to store large amounts of patient and customer data. DYXnet’s cloud disaster recovery solutions ensures absolute data security and compliance with all data protection regulations. Those healthcare providers can then operate 24 hours a day without any network interruptions after implementing the disaste recovery plan from DYXnet.

Worry less about information security

Hospitals and healthcare providers can take advantage of DYXnet’s MPLS backbone to send essential data through a secure private network. This means that no external sources will be able to extract and steal that data.

Professional Consultancy

We help our clients to solve complex network and IT issues in respect of design, delivery and support including but not limited to:
- IT systems upgrade
- Cloud service integration
- Data centre management

Why DYXnet?

  • Different tiers of secure connectivity available 
  • Full range of backup & recovery solutions, either in cloud or Disaster Recovery as a service
  • Guaranteed SLA for our quality, availability and responsibilities etc. 
  • Customizable & Scalable Services
  • 7 x 24 Customer Services Support
  • Strong Customers and Case reference


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