Delivers high quality, reliable and secure enterprise applications

Simplify your WAN management and to revamp and build a higher performance WANs

It enables a secured pooling of both private and public connections and permitting automation, centralized network control, and agile, real-time traffic management over multiple links whereas also enables a network administrator to remotely program edge appliances via a central controller, reducing provisioning times and minimizing or eliminating the need to manually configure traditional routers in branch locations.

Why SD-WAN ?

Eliminate issues on Traditional WAN quality & uptime concerns 

Allow your data flow fast and secure

Provide a greater control as operations are run through the orchestrator keeping

No more lack of available bandwidth, limited security and complexity 

Simplified network management with greater agility

Quickly add new sites to your WAN using existing network or internet connections

Key Features

Built on our robust and expansive MPLS backbone, DYXnet’s SD-WAN makes use of dynamic multi-path optimisation technology to establish a virtual transmission through a private network. It also separates the control plane from the data plane and centralises the control to an orchestrator forming a private network within the IP network and adopts centralised policies to govern the way operations are run.

SD-WAN Edge can be used at a branch office by a non-technical person who simply needs to plug into a power source and connect to WAN-link cables. Activation, configuration, ongoing operation and management are all handled remotely by an orchestrator. The process of provisioning is simple and can be accomplished in minutes. 

A traditional WAN requires the management of hundreds or thousands of individual branch office configurations; our SD-WAN solution leveraging different available connections provides load sharing among private link, fixed and mobile Internet connections to ensure continuous connection

DYXnet’s SD-WAN service offers a comprehensive, single-pane-of-glass management platform for provisioning, monitoring and troubleshooting. Greater visibility and analytics show how the network is performing. It also indicates what kind of traffic and applications are being transmitted at any one time. Additionally, detailed logging and native utilities are provided to facilitate troubleshooting and diagnostics.

WAN circuits used with SD-WAN circuits optimise themselves automatically via a process of continuous monitoring of links, quality network paths, as well as the network capacity. Applications can be recognised and steered dynamically on a per-packet base to optimal links. They do this based on business priority, knowledge of application requirements and real-time link performance. Additionally, an on-demand remediation mechanism can be applied to benefit priority applications in the event of link degradation.

Running an SD-WAN network structure means all available links, either inexpensive WAN or superior MPLS, can be aggregated to make bandwidth capacity available according to policy. Prioritization of traffic based on applications providing appropriate control to manage work loads across networks. All this while running an active traffic flow pattern. This makes the SD-WAN network model much more feasible than a traditional active-standby network model.

Our state-of-the-art Network Operation Centre (NOC) provides proactive network device management, network monitoring and reporting services based on the industry’s best-practices, namely ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO 9001. For your round-the-clock convenience, we also provide a 24×7 multilingual service desk.

How it works

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